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Performance Objectivesa)Comprehension: The Making of New Millionairesb)Comprehension Exercise - The Making of New Millionairesc)Structure: Tag Questionsd)Writing: Informal Lettere)Grammar: Verb Phrases: Lexical and Auxiliary Verbsf)Verb Phrases
Performance Objectivesa)Structure: Indefinite and Reciprocal Pronounsb)Writing: Formal letterc)Comprehension: Life History of a Mosquitod)Comprehension Exercise - Life History of a Mosquitoe)Speech Work: Vowels /ʊ/ and /u:/
Performance Objectivesa)Structure: Personal Pronouns and Possessive Pronounsb)Writing: Expository Essayc)Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Emotionsd)Speech Work: Vowels /i:/ and /ɪ/e)Poem: Let My Mother Sing by “Folorunsho Moshood”
Performance Objectivesa)Comprehension: Indiscipline Among Youthsb)Structure: Reflexive Pronouns and Relative Pronounsc)Speech work: Vowels: /ə/, /ʌ/, /Ʒ/d)Writing: Descriptive Essaye)Grammar: Direct and Indirect Speech
Performance Objectivesa)Vocabulary Development: Synonyms and Antonymsb)Structure: Active and Passive Voicec)Grammar: Phrasal Verbs and Idiomsd)Comprehension: Tortoise, the Trickstere)Speech work: Diphthongsf)Writing: Argumentative Essay
Performance ObjectivesLiterature: The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike
Performance Objectives1.Comprehension: This is Lagos2.English Comprehension Exercise - This Is Lagos | Week 13.Structure: Expressing Exception using except for, but, and apart from.4.Writing: Narrative Essay5.Speech work: Consonants /s/ and /θ/6.Vocabulary Development: Health and Medicine
Performance Objectivesa)Structure: Conjunctionsb)Speech Work: Consonant Contrast /w/ /v/c)Dictation: Words that are Commonly Misspeltd)English - Commonly Misspelt Wordse)Writing: Report Writing
Performance Objectivesa)Vocabulary Development: Suffixes; Noun derivatives, Verb derivatives and Adjective derivatives.b)JSS3: English - Suffixesc)Suffixesd)Structure: Interjectionse)Poem: Inu Rere by Niyi Osundaref)Speech Work: Constants /∫/ and /Ʒ/

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