English Language JSS3 First Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Performance Objectives1.Students should be able to:2.Writing: The Informal Letter3.Speech English: Vowel Sounds - Vowel /i/, / ɪ / , /e/ and /æ/4.English – Vowel Sounds - Vowel /i/, /i:/, /e/ and /æ/5.Comprehension: The More You Look6.English – Vowel Sounds - The More You Look
Performance Objectives1.Grammar: Phrases and Clauses2.Comprehension: Transportation3.English – Comprehension: Transportation4.Writing: Descriptive Composition5.Speech Work: Consonant Contrast /ð/ /d/ /z/ /s/6.English 1st term - Consonant Contrast
Performance ObjectivesA.Vocabulary Development: Government RevenueB.Descriptive Composition (Oral)C.Structure: Adjectives and AdverbsD.Comprehension: Family Planning
Performance ObjectivesA.Structure: Expressing Willingness/Unwillingness using Modal Verbs + AdverbialsB.Speech Work: Consonant Contrast /p/ /b/C.Writing: Formal Letter
Performance ObjectivesLiterature: The Saint by Tade Adegbindin

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