Algebraic Expressions

Mathematics J.S.S 2 Second Term

Theme: Algebraic Processes


Algebraic Expressions

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

  1. Apply use of quadratic equation box in expanding and factorizing algebraic expressions.
  2. Solve quantitative reasoning problem

Expansions Leading to Quadratic Expressions


A quadratic expression is one in which 2 is the highest power of the unknown(s) in the expression. For example, x2 – 4x – 12, 16 – a2, 3x2 + 17xy + 10y2 are all quadratic expressions.


Expand: (a) (a + 3) (a – 4)

    (b) (2x + 3) (4x – 5)


  1.    (a + 3) (a – 4)

      =a (a –.... View More

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