Democratic Process IV

Civic Education J.S.S 3 Third Term


Democratic Process IV

Students should be able to:

1. Explain the process of voting

2. Explain the types of process of electoral system


Explain the process of voting

The Process of Voting

Voting procedures will be dependent on the legal, regulatory and policy framework. Like electoral systems, they may often be a product of the past, rather than an effective response to current voting needs.

The equity, integrity, service levels and accessibility of election processes will be primarily determined by the range of voting methods available to voters and the procedural controls.

A major challenge in devising voting methods and procedures is to ensure that all persons registered to vote have an equitable opportunity to participate in voting, irrespective of their geographic location, gender or class, literacy level, occupation, or physical condition. Guiding principles of Voting Operations should be the starting point for the development of appropriate voting.... View More

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