Paul’s Missionary Journey

Christian Religious Studies SSS 3 First Term

Week 10

Topic: Paul’s Missionary Journey

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

1. Explain Paul and Barnabas missionary journey activities

2. Explain Paul’s activities at Macedonia in his second missionary journey


Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts13 and 14)

When the church was worshiping and fasting in Antioch, the Holy Spirit marked Paul and Barnabas for a unique missionary journey.  This journey was to start at the port city of Antioch and head to the island of Cyprus, Barnabas’ home.


When they reached Cyprus, john assisted them as they proclaimed the gospel to the synagogues (Acts 13:5). They traveled from the port city of salamis to Paphos on the opposite shore of Cyprus.

At Paphos, a.... View More

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