Development of Political Parties in Nigeria (Cont 4.).

Government SSS 3 First Term


Development of Political Parties in Nigeria (Cont 4.).

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Explain the existence of SDP

2. Explain the existence of NRC


i. Social Democratic Party (SDP)

ii. National Republican Convention (NRC)

 The Social Democratic Party (SDP)

The Social Democratic Party of Nigeria, commonly known as the SDP, was established as a centre-left political organization. It was created in 1980s/1990s era by former President Ibrahim Babangida via a democracy project meant to form two detribalized political parties - one slightly to the left and one to the right. During the Nigerian Third Republic, it was seen as a moderate party attractive to young radical intellectuals and socialists. In its manifesto, it called for concerted efforts to improve welfare and fight for social justice.

After 13 prospective parties were banned.... View More

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