Characteristics of a healthy boy-girl relationship Objectives


TOPIC: Characteristics of a healthy boy-girl relationship Objectives

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

1 define a healthy boy–girl relationship.

2 identify what makes for a good and healthy boy–girl relationship.

3 discuss the dangers of practising unhealthy boy–girl relationship

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: A chart showing teens practising healthy and unhealthy relationships.

1. have to travel long distances before they can reach their in-laws.


Healthy boy–girl relationship

A healthy boy–girl relationship is a kind of relationship that will not put either the boy or the girl in social, health, psychological or physical problems now or in the future. It is a mutual relationship free of premarital sex. It ensures that they behave properly and understand the changes in their bodies and emotions as they move into puberty. It also prepares them for the future to become responsible adults and.... View More

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