Ethical issues in science and development

Basic Science JSS3 Third term

Theme: Science and Development

Sub-theme: You and energy


Ethical issues in science and development

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Identify the right and wrong application of science.
  2. Discuss the implication of the application of science to the development of society.


Ethical issues in science and development

Over the years science has developed many processes and products which have conferred on the subject the formidable stature that it has at the present time. Science could be used productively such as in the production of food, curing of diseases, earning income for nations, gainful employment, etc. science could also be destructive such as in the creation of atomic bombs, poison, abortions, etc. the view of science even in the circumstance given above as their productive or destructive, depends on which side one is considering. It should be emphasized here.... View More

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