Basic Science Primary 5 (Basic Five) First Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

WEEK 1&2POLLUTIONLearning ObjectivesAt the end of the topic should be able to: Define pollution and list some agents of pollution. List common causes of pollution Discuss the role of human activities in the degradation of the environment Identify the causes of pollution on land, water, and air
WEEK 3&4Topic: TYPES OF POLLUTIONSUBTOPIC: CAUSES, EFFECT AND PREVENTION OF POLLUTIONWATER POLLUTIONCauses of water pollution(i) Untreated sewage released into water bodies.(ii) Dumping of human faeces, dead animals, etc. into water bodies. Oil spillage i.e. leakages, from oil tanks and pipes, into streams, rivers etc.
WEEK 5TOPIC: CHANGE AROUND USINSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS:A chart showing different types of erosionCONTENTEROSIONThe wearing away of the surface soil by water or wind is called erosion. Wind and water, which cause erosion, are called agents of erosion.
WEEK 6Effects of erosionErosion has several effects on human beings. The following are some of them: Crops grow in the soil. Yam, maize, potato, guinea corn, cassava, millet, soya beans and other crops absorb chemical substances from the soil. These chemical substances help the crops to remain healthy, grow and produce a high yield. Human beings need a high yield of crops so as to be adequately fed.
WEEK 7&8TOPIC: ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITYOBJECTIVES; At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: Explain the term ‘environmental quality’. List the things you would expect to see in a healthy environment. List the things you would expect to see in an unhealthy environment. List the advantages of a healthy environment. List the disadvantages of an unhealthy environment. Know what can be done to make a school compound healthy and beautiful?
WEEK 9&10TOPIC: WASTE AND WASTE DISPOSALObjectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: Identify the components and types of waste. Mention the dangers of poor and improper waste disposal. Explain the advantages of recycling waste. Discuss different ways of disposing of waste
WEEK 11RecyclingRecycling simply means treating waste materials and substances with the purpose of using them again. Recycling is a very good method of waste management. It is a process of converting waste to useful products.

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