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DEFINITION OF CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ARTSThis refers to the arts which represent an outlet of self-expression that is influenced by culture which in turn helps to modify culture. As such, the arts reflect the physical manifestation of the internal creative impulse of man. This subject emphasizes art's cultural and creative aspects as both go hand in hand. Suffice it to say that to a large extent, cultural art activities like traditional dance, drama and music performed in theatres reflect our culture and tradition in Nigerian society. Man’s creativity on the other hand is expressed in diverse forms.
DEFINITION OF ARTArt is the creative expression of our thoughts. Art is the study and creation of things that give pleasure to our minds and satisfy our sense of beauty. Art is a way of life. It is a universal language which the artist uses to express his or her inner feelings and ideas. The word ‘art’ originated from the Latin word ‘arti’ which means to do well or do it well.
MEANING OF TEAMWORKTeamwork means the process of working well together as a group in order to achieve a common goal. It is the act or process of collaborating as a group in order to achieve a common goal.
DEFINITION OF PRINCIPLES OF ARTPrinciples of art are the guidelines or laws that moderate the artist in the effective use of the artelements when creating works of art.
DEFINITION OF DRAMADrama is the act or process of a group of players narrating a story through actions, vocal expression and body movements so as to entertain, inform and educate the audience. Drama is an attempt by a playwright to portray real-life events through artificial means. Drama is the imitation of an action. Drama originated in Greece where plays were performed on stage in ancient Greek Theatres during the ancient times. Drama got its name from the Greek word ’dran’ which means to act.
DEFINITION OF PAPIER MACHEPapiermache is a substance made of pulped paper or paper pulp mixed with glue and other materials or media. Papiermache is the craft in which objects are formed and cast with a mould using a mixture of wet pulped paper and starchy paste or gum.MATERIALSNewspaper, liquid glue or craft glue, water base starch or cassava, bucket, colour, water, wheat paste, coloured tissue paper, black crepe paper, protective gloves, floral wire and floral tape, white and black card stock, thirty gauge wire, needle, masking tape, pencil, cotton balls, empty jars, clothespins and clothesline.
DEFINITION OF DANCEDance is the rhythmical movement of the body in time and space to the beat of the music. Dance is the process of moving or shaking the body from side to side stylishly and rhythmically. Dance is also the art of body motion. Dancers and choreographers perform various dance movements which are pleasant to behold.
Drama has several forms or types which include: TRAGEDY: Tragedy is a serious play that ends on a sad note, especially when the protagonist or main character dies. It is a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially concerning the downfall of the main character (protagonist). It is characterized by sorrowful events like great suffering, destruction and distress such as a serious accident, crime or natural catastrophe. FARCE: A comedy that aims as entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant and thus improbable.
MEANING OF STAVEA stave is a series of five horizontal lines and four spaces on which musical notes are written. On the piano, white keys are called natural keys while the black keys are called enharmonic keys.MEANING OF CLEFClef is the sign or symbol used to fix position certain letter names on the stave (staff). There are two commonly used types of clef among other types of clef in music namely:1. TREBLE OR G CLEF2. BASS OR F CLEF
DEFINITIONMusic is a combination of organized sounds that is pleasant to the ear. It is an orderly arrangement of sounds that make sense to the ear.MEANING- Music has been in existence since time immemorial. Music is created when all musical instruments are played in a synchronized manner such that the sounds or tunes produced are pleasant to the ear.USES OF MUSIC It plays a key role during religious worship. It serves as a means of entertainment
CHARACTERISTICS OF SOUNDMusical sounds are distinguished from noises in that they are composed of regular, uniform vibrations, while noises are irregular and disordered vibrations. One musical tone is distinguished from another on the basis of pitch, intensity or loudness and quality or timbre. They are explained below:

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