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DEFINITIONS OF CRAFTCraft is the skilful use of the hands in making functional and decorative objects from raw materials.Craft can also be defined as the handiwork that demonstrates unique craftsmanship skills.Craft revolves around activities that deal with the skilful making of functional and decorative products by hand and local materials. Craftsmen or artisans specialize in the making of variouscraftworks and crafts to earn a living in Nigeria.
INTRODUCTIONDrama has been at the forefront since time immemorial. Ancient dramas in Greece and Rome to date are still performed in the Theatres to entertain the audience both young and old. Drama has become a means of entertainment in the world at large. The functions of drama are highlighted below. Drama preserves and promotes our rich cultural heritage. Drama forestalls or promotes teamwork or cooperation among the cast, crew and audience.
Elements of drama are the features of drama that are vital or fundamental to the understanding of any dramatic piece of writing.The following are elements of drama. Plot: The plot is the storyline from the beginning to the end. A written piece of drama is incomplete without a plot. It is the plot that gives the reader an insight into what the entire written play is all about. Protagonist: This is the central character who is either the man (hero) or woman (heroine) that performs a prominent role in a drama. The protagonist is the lead actor (male) and the lead actress (female). Antagonist: This is the character that opposes the protagonist either rightly or wrongly.
Diverse Meaning of Collage: A collage is a picture made on support by sticking together different materials or media on background support. A collage is an assemblage of two or more materials or media on a background support. A collage is a work of art in which pictures are built up using bits and pieces of different types of materials. A collage is a form of artistic expression in which mixed media like grain, pieces of paper and fabric are stuck unto a given surface.
A drama director is someone who oversees the affairs of the play by trying to unify the various human and material aspects of the production. The drama director is an instructor who instructs the players on how they are to play their part during drama rehearsal.The drama director is subject to the producer who is the master of drama production. Sometimes, the producer equally plays the part of the drama director at the same time.
Meaning- Paper craft deals with the use of cardboard, paper, carton and other similar materials to make various objects.MATERIALS OF PAPER CRAFT Cardboard Paper Pencil Colour Thread Gum
MEANING OF TEAMWORK: Teamwork involves a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Team work is a joint or collaborative effort that involves a group of people working well together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient. Teamwork can also be defined as the cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of people acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause.Cooperation is fundamental for a team of people to achieve success in whatever they do. Everyone involved must unite to achieve a common goal. On the contrary, a team of people is bound to fail if there is a lack of cooperation.
CLASSIFICATION OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTSMusical instruments are classified as follows: AEROPHONE FAMILY: Musical instruments that belong to the aerophone family are wind instruments. They include flute, oboe, piccolo, recorder, CorAnglais, clarinet, bassoon and English horn. Musical instruments of the aerophone family are played by blowing air while the fingers are in full operation. CHORDOPHONE FAMILY: Musical instruments that belong to the chordophone family are stringed instruments. The musical instruments are played by bowing, hammering and plucking. Examples include violin, viola, guitar, harp, goje, lute, cello (short form of violin cello), zither and double bass.
INTRODUCTION TO SCALES1. DIATONIC MAJOR SCALES (C MAJOR)A scale is a group of notes in succession. There are many different types of scales but there are two most common types of scales such as major and minor scales. There are twelve pitches in standard western music. After the twelve, the pitches repeat but in the next higher register or octave. Once a person understands the concept of intervals, scales will be pretty easy to grasp since they are just made of a series of intervals. Figure out the scales in any of the keys you are searching for by knowing the interval ‘formula’. For instance, W is a whole step and H is a half step. A half step is the smallest interval available on the piano and will be one key away from the starting note. A whole key is made of two half steps so it will be two keys away from the starting note.
MEANING OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE AND FORM Contemporary dance refers to a variety of dance movements that emerged during the middle part of the twentieth century and still remain relevant to the present time. It is a style of expression that combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Form refers to the shape a dancer takes in space while dancing around the dance floor.
MEANING: Ear training can be defined as the process of developing aural skills which are vital principles in learning. It is also the development of one’s ability to identify musical sounds as it is a fundamental rudiment in learning.A song follows a set of singing rhymes when it is well composed. Singing rhymes are vital to the flow of a song when it is orderly arranged or composed. The last words on each line of a song should have a link in terms of identical sound.

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