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INTRODUCTION:Crafts practised in Nigeria by various craftsmen or artisans require the use of various materials, tools and equipment to bring the desired object out of raw materials. Apart from the tools and equipment, the raw materials required in creating the various craftworks are quite important. The materials, tools and equipment required in craft making are presented below in a tabular form.
DEFINITION: Rehearsal is a session of exercise, drill or practice of a play and any other event in preparation for a later public performance.PURPOSE OF DRAMA REHEARSAL: Rehearsal facilitates perfection among the members or players expected to perform the actual play, dance and song on stage at a later day and time before the audience.ACTIVITIES OF REHEARSAL READING: Activity 1: The players read and memorize their lines from the script without movement or demonstration. MOVEMENT: Activity 2: The players put in some body movement to conform with their respective lines read previously.
Dance is a series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. It is the rhythmical movement of the body in space and time that blends with the rhythm and pattern of the music.MEANING OF DANCE AS A NOBLE CAREER AND PROFESSIONDance as a career is referred to as an indoor and outdoor activity through which dancers andchoreographers earn a living. Dance is a good profession and a worthwhile venture since the members of the audience are entertained and derive satisfaction when watching the dancers and choreographers perform the dance. Dancers are highly respected and that is what makes dance a noble profession.
TYPES OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:There are basically two types of musical instruments namely; (i) Western Musical Instruments and (ii) African Musical Instruments. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The Western instruments belong to the string family, wind and percussion families. STRINGED INSTRUMENTS (Chordophones): The stringed instruments are instruments in which sound is
DEFINITION: Painting is defined as the art that deals with the use of colours to express creative ideas on paper, canvas or wall through drawing, picture making or imaginative composition. Painting is a two-dimensional art which is grouped under fine art.
DEFINITION: A scale is a group or set of notes in succession. A scale comprises a series of notes ascending and descending on the music stave.TYPES OF MINOR SCALE Melodic Minor Scale: The melodic minor scale is melodious and easy to sing. In the melodic minor scale, semitones occur between the 2nd and 3rd, 7th and 8th degrees ascending. In descending order, the accidentals involved are restored or naturalized. The descending melodic form represents the relative major scale of the minor scale.
INTRODUCTION:Musical signs and abbreviations are used in music for effective performance. Composers usually give directions on the manner they want their music performed. The Italian composers were the first to write directions on their music and most of the musical terms presently used are of simple Italian words. However, some composers now write their music in the direction of their own languages.
I. Notable Music Composers in Nigeria.1. T.K.E. PHILLIPS: T.K.E. Phillips was born in the year 1884 and died on the 10th of July 1969. He served as a Nigerian organist, conductor and teacher of music. He was a foremost contemporary art musician in Nigeria.WORKS: His works consist of a wide range of music pieces which he composed and recorded in audiotapes.2. AYO BANKOLE: Ayo Bankole was born in the year 1935 and died in 1976. He had the privilege to study music and drama in London precisely at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He was born into a musical family. His father Theophilus Abiodun Bankole was an organist and choirmaster. He is from the same generation as Akin Ebua and he hailed from the Yoruba region of Southwest Nigeria.WORKS: Recorded music pieces on audio tapes etc.

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