Data Processing SSS2 Second Term

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RegisterThis is a special high-speed storage area within the CPU. All data must be represented in a register before it can be processed, for example, if two numbers are to be multiplied, both numbers must be in registers, and the result must be placed in a register. (The register can contain the address of a memory location where data is stored rather than the actual data itself.)
Computer files: Computer files are the most basic unit of data that users can store on a disk. Every program, image, video, song employee number, a 3-digit, and document is stored as a fileRecord: A record is a collection of related data items or fields. Each record normally corresponds to a specific unit of information. For example, employee number, employee’s name, basic salary and house rent allowance.
BASIC OPERATIONS OF COMPUTER FILES:Create: Create a file with a given name.Delete: Deleting a file that is unwanted.Retrieve: Retrieve a stored file or lost file.Copy: Copying a created file to either an external or in-built storage device.View: Viewing a created file or granting the privilege of viewing.
What is word processing?Word processing is the use of computer software to create, and edit. View, store, retrieve and print text documents. A text document is a written communication like letters reports, memos and so on. The software that is used for word processing is called a word processor.
INTRODUCTIONInformation systems are important for the success of any modern business or organization. Many information systems are being developed to make them more competitive and improve productivity and profit.The two keys required for the successful development of an information system are:
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)Systems development is a planned undertaking with a fixed beginning and end that produces the desired result or product. It may be a large job that involves many people working for a long period or it can also be a small assignment that one person can finish in a day. The SDLC PROVIDES AN OVERALL FORMALISED METHOD FOR managing the systems development processes and activities. It represents a detailed and specific set of procedures, steps, and documents that are required for the development of an information system development.
Definition of a ProgramA computer program can be defined as a list of instructions issued to the computer to perform a particular task. Programs are written in computer programming languages.
The algorithm is the step-by-step procedure of solving a particular problem. It is simply a sequence of clear and precise instructions for solving a particular problem. Algorithms are usually written in English and some few mathematical notations (signs, symbols)
BASIC stands for BEGINNERS ALL-PURPOSE SYMBOLIC INSTRUCTION CODE. It is a single easy-to-use language designed also for beginners. It is not only simple but also powerful. It is science-oriented. Professor John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz developed the language in 1964 at Dartmouth College, U.S.A., as a means of teaching students a simple language for programming a computer. The program can be used to solve problems covering a wide range of applications on many different types of digital computers. Because the BASIC Language has been designed for ease of use and is readily available on most computers, program development can be achieved in a minimum time.

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