English Language Primary 5 (Basic Five) Second Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

WEEK ONETOPIC: SENTENCE BUILDING: REPORTED SPEECHDEFINITIONIn indirect or reported speech, what a person said earlier, is reported to someone else without the use of inverted commas.
WEEK 2TOPIC: DIALOGUE COMMUNICATIONSMEANING OF DIALOGUEDialogue refers to communication in a book, play, film/movie. Below is a conversation between Michael and BenedictMichael: Benedict would you help[ me with my math assignment?Benedict: oh, I would love to help but I’m busy at the moment. Do you mind to wait a little more?
WEEK THREE & FOUR TOPIC: SUBJECT AND OBJECT OF VERBSMEANING OF SUBJECT OF THE VERBThe subject of the verb means the‘ doer’ of the actionExample Tolu delivered the parcel to the gentlemanIn the sentence above, Tolu is the subject while delivered is the verb
WEEK FIVE & SIXTOPIC: ADBERBIAL PHRASEAdverbial phrases and clauses have the same function as adverbs. They modify or tell us more about verbs, adjectives or adverbsEXAMPLES OF ADVERBIAL PHRASES: in a hurry, over the mountain, against the wall, in a little while etc.
WEEK SEVEN AND EIGHTTOPIC: CONJUNCTIONSConjunctions are used to link up or join words, phrases, clauses and sentencesTYPES OF CONJUNCTIONS Conjunctions that show similarity such as “ and, also, besides, as well as, both …. and”
WEEK NINE TOPIC: WORDS AND OPPOSITE Words always have opposites. Another opposite word is antonym. Examples are: narrow–wide, ancient–modern Outside – inside, weak – strong

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