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The Cash Book is a subsidiary book of account that is used to record the payments and receipts of money (cash or cheques) to or by a business organisation. The cash book is part of the double entry system. It, therefore, functions both as a ledger and a subsidiary book of account
Three-Column Cash BookThis type of Cash Book combines the discount column on both sides with the cash and bank column. The discounts allowed column is on the debit side, while the discounts received column is on the credit side. The principle of double entry is also applicable in the three-column Cash Book. It must be noted however that the discount allowed and the discount received columns though they have the appearance of account columns, are merely memoranda, from them we can obtain periodic totals that will be entered into the discount accounts.
The Petty Cash BookThis is the subsidiary book of account that is used for recording low-value (petty) cash payments (and occasional small cash receipts). These may include small incidental expenses such as postage, stationery, cleaning, travelling expenses and even small cash payments to creditors
An account is a ledger record, in a summarized form, of all transactions that have taken place with a particular person.An account can also be defined as a history of all transactions of similar nature. It is usual to keep separate accounts for each class of asset, liability, income and expense relating to a business.
A trial balance is a list of all the balances extracted from the ledgers at a particular date, to test (verify, check or confirm) the arithmetical accuracy of postings done in the ledger.
Errors made in the recording of the day-to-day transactions can be divided into those which are not revealed (disclosed) by the trial balance and those which result in the trial balance not balancing.

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