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INTRODUCTIONPurchase of business is the activity of buying or acquiring a business as a going concern. This means acquiring an existing business with the intention of continuing its operations. this acquisition can be in any of the following ways
To interpret accounts is to try to gain insight into the information value of financial statements, this can be done through analysis, evaluation, criticism and comparison and all this is done by the use of accounting ratios. A ratio can be defined as the relationship that exists between two figures.
Meaning of Public Sector AccountingPublic Sector Accounting is the process of recording the financial transactions concerning the receipts and payments of government funds, in a systematic way, as well as their analysis and interpretation so as to guide governments and their agents in various financial decisions.
Meaning of Branch AccountsA branch Account is a system of accounting adopted to record the transactions of a small part of a business organization which has or has not had some degree of independence.
Branch Adjustment Method of Branch AccountingUnlike the memorandum or double column method, under this method, the profit loading will be taken to a separate A/C called “Branch adjustment A/C”. Under this method, the following are the main A/C that will be prepared:-
Data Processing is the process of producing meaningful information from raw data. It describes the series of actions taken to produce useful information by collecting all items of data together and performing operations on them. The aim of data processing is to convert raw data into information.

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