Food and Nutrition SSS3 First Term

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Test interpretation (also called planning) is the act of preparing or arranging for cookery practical. It is also called planning.
The word ‘rechauffe’ means reheated and it is applied to cooked food left from a previous meal. Since left-over foods had been cooked initially, further heating can destroy the nutrients and therefore impair the nutritive quality of the food.
Entertaining means inviting people to have food and drink with you. Whenever such occasions for entertaining arise, there must be guests and hosts or hostesses. The guests are the people who come to share the joy and happiness of the occasion while the hosts or hostesses are the people who are around to receive or welcome the guests. The success of any occasion is the joint responsibility of the host and guest.
Practical using leftover foods
There are two types of table services, formal and informal. Informal service includes those occasions in which the host, hostesses and other members of the group, as well as the waitress or waiter, may participate. It should be friendly, gracious and simple. In formal service, the waitress or waiter alone participates. The host and hostesses take no part. They only watch to see that the procedure goes smoothly. This type is dignifying, elegant and elaborate. It can only be used where there are servants.

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