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FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 1SEQUENCE & SERIESContent Sequence and series Arithmetic Progression (AP) Arithmetic Mean The sum of terms in an APSequence & SeriesA sequence is a pattern of numbers arranged in a particular order. Each of the numbers in the sequence is called a term. The terms are related to one another according to a well-defined rule.
FURTHER MATHEMATIC SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 2SEQUENCE & SERIES IIContent Nth term of a G.P Geometric Mean Sum of n terms of a G.P Sum to infinity of a G.PNth term of a G.PA Geometric Progression is a sequence generated by multiplying or dividing a preceding term by a constant number to get a term. This constant number is called the common ratio designated by the letter r
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 3LINEAR INEQUALITIESContent Linear & Analytical Solutions of Linear Inequalities in One Variable Quadratic Inequalities in One Variable Absolute ValuesLINEAR INEQUALITIES IN ONE VARIABLEMost of the rules for solving linear inequalities in one variable are similar to those for solving a linear equation in one variable with exception of the rules on multiplication and division by the negative numbers which reverse the sense of the inequalityEXAMPLE: Find the solution set of each of the following inequalities and represent them graphically(a) 2x – 3 < x + 7 (b) 3x + 4 > 1 – 2x
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 4LINEAR INEQUALITY IIContent Linear Inequalities in Two Variables by Graphical Method. Graphical Solution of Simultaneous Linear Inequalities in Two Variables. Linear ProgrammingGRAPHICAL SOLUTION OF INEQUALITIES IN TWO VARIABLESA straight line has the general equation ax+by+c=0, where a,b and c are real numbers.
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 5MAPPING AND FUNCTIONSContent Concept of mapping and function Domain, Co-domain of function Types of mapping.MAPPINGDefinition, Concept, Example and Evaluation.Definition: This is the rule which assigns an element x in set A to another unique element y in set B. The set A is called the Domain while set B is the Co- domain
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 7COMPOSITE MAPPING AND INVERSE MAPPINGContentCOMPOSITE MAPPING:A mapping is composite when the co-domain of the first mapping is the domain of the second mapping.Consider the mapping f;X→ Z and g: Z→Y
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 8TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOContent Basic trigonometric Ratio The ratio of General Angle Trigonometric IdentitiesBASIC TRIGONOMETRIC RATIOThe basic trigonometric ratios can be defined in terms of the sides of a right-angled triangle.
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 9LOGICContents Logical Statements Negations Conditional statements and bi-conditional statements. Identification of Antecedence & Consequence of Simple Statement LOGICAL STATEMENTSA logical statement is a declaration verbal or written that is either true or false but not both. A true statement has a truth value T A false statement has a truth value F
FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS1 SECOND TERMWEEK 10LOGICAL REASONING (CONTINUES)Content Connectives; (Disjunction and conjunction) Tautology and contradictionDisjunction: In disjunction, two statements can be combined by the use of the connective to the truth table. The truth table technique is used to establish whether or not two logical statements are equivalent.Let p = He is a pastor and q = He is a singer

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