Geography SSS1 Second Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Students should be able to:•Fold Mountains•Block Mountains•Volcanic Mountains•Residual Mountains
Students should be able to:1.Types of Plateaux2.Mode of formation3.Advantages and Disadvantages of Plateaux
Students should be able to learn:1.Plains 2.Valleys3.Coastal areas4.Characteristics of plains, valleys and coastal areas
Students should be able to learn:1.Definition of the Environment2.Spheres of Environment3.Types and Importance of Environment
Students should be able to learn:1.Definition2.Elements of climates3.Instruments for measuring climates
Students should be able to learn:1.Factors affecting climate and weather2.Importance of weather and climate to
Students should be able to learn:1.Definitions2.Types and use of Map scale3.Scale conversion4.Map distance5.Map reduction6.Map enlargement

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