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Environmental conservation is the process of preserving natural resources from loss, waste or exploitation in order to ensure continuous availability.Environmental conservation methods include the following: Afforestation Re-afforestation Cover-cropping Improved farming techniques Environmental education Recycling Legislation against environmental degradation.
Transportation is defined as the movement of people, goods and commodities from one place to another either by land, water or by air.TYPES OF TRANSPORTATIONA. LAND TRANSPORT: This is the movement of people and goods from one place to another by land. Means of transportation by land include: Human portage: This involves the use of human legs for movement i.e. trekking. This is basically applicable where the distance is not much.
The manufacturing industry is defined as the industry that is involved in the turning of raw materials into new products by a mechanical or chemical process at home or in a factory.CHARACTERISTICS OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES1. Most Nigerian industries rely on imported skilled labour from foreign countries.2. Most industries also depend on foreign countries for their raw materials.
Trade refers to the buying and selling or exchange of goods and services between one regionand another in the same country or between one country and another. The former is calledinternal trade while the latter is called international trade.
CONVENTIONAL SYMBOLSConventional signs are symbols used to represent both natural and human features found in an area that is represented on a map. The conventional signs represent the language of the map. The map reader cannot read any map without the use of the signs. They are usually shown at the bottom of all topographical maps where the symbols are found. From these signs, information on the map can easily be interpreted e.g + This sign represents a hospital or dispensary. +++++++++ This represents a railway line.
The population is defined as the number of people living in an area at a particular time.In terms of countries, China is the most populous country, followed by India, the United States, Indonesia etc. In Africa, Nigeria is the most populous country with an approximate population of over 160 million people.
A settlement is defined as a place containing one or more buildings with people living in them. A settlement can be a city, village or compound.Favourable conditions for siting a settlement:(i) Adequate water supply(ii) Fertile soil(iii) Availability of low and well-drained land.(iv) Good communication network(v) Defence/Protection for human habitation.

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