Weeds and weed control.

Agricultural science for S.S.S 2 Second Term.

Week 7

Weeds and weed control.

Performance objectives.

Students should be able to;   

  1. Define weeds.
  2. List various types of weeds with their botanical names.
  3. State the effect of weeds on crops and the economy.
  4. List the various features of weeds.
  5. Describe the various methods of controlling weeds.


Meaning of Weeds.

Weeds are often called volunteer plants because they grow where they are not planted. They are plants which grow where they are not wanted.

They can also be defined as “plants out of place”. They are usually unwanted, uninvited quests on farms. Also, their growth interferes with that of cultivated crops and therefore constitute nuisance to crops, livestock or.... View More

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