Agricultural science SSS2 Second Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Students should be able to;(1) Mention ornamental plants used for different purposes.(2) Identify ornamental plants belonging to each category Content.
Students should be able to;(1) Identify different locations or settings requiring ornamental plants.(2) Determine ornamental plants for each location.(3) State common and botanical names of ornamental plants.
Students should be able to;(1) Mention methods of propagating ornamental plants.(2) Discuss the importance of each method.(3) Give examples of ornamental plant propagated through each method.
Students should be able to;(1) List maintenance operation of ornamental plants.(2) Discuss reasons for carrying out each operation.(3) Carry out the operations in any established ornamental site.
Students should be able to;(1) State the meaning of diseases.(2) List the effect of diseases on crop production.(3) Name the important diseases of major crops.(4) State the causes’ organism disease.(5) State the preventive and control measures.
Agricultural Science...
Students should be able to;(1) State the meaning of pest.(2) Classify pests into insects and non-insects.(3) Classify insect pests based on their mode of mouthparts.(4) Discuss the important insect pests of major crops.(5) Recognize and name the important storage insect pests of farm produce.(6) Describe the nature of damage to crops.(7) Describe the biology of some of the selected crops.(8) State and discuss the general control and preventive measures.(9) State and discuss the possible side effects of the various preventive and control on man and the environment.(10) State general/ economic importance of pests.
Students should be able to; (1) Define weeds.(2) List various types of weeds with their botanical names.(3) State the effect of weeds on crops and the economy.(4) List the various features of weeds.(5) Describe the various methods of controlling weeds.
Students should be able to:(1) List the different types of farm animals.(2) Classify farm animals according to- Habitant- Uses.
Students should be able to:(1) Draw and label parts of farm animals.(2) Identify important organs like the heart, liver, lungs etc.
Students should be able to: (1) Explain the roles of sex hormones in reproduction.(2) Draw and label the parts of the male and female reproductive system.(3) Explain the processes of reproduction in mammals and poultry.
Agricultural Science...

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