Sermon on the mount I

Christian Religious Studies J.S.S2 Second Term

Sub-theme: Sermon on the mount

Week 4

Sermon on the mount I

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

1. Give another name for the sermon on the mount or beatitudes

2. Recite the beatitudes


The beatitudes (Mattew 5:1-12)

Beatitudes are biblical blessings given by Jesus, it points out the character of those men and women qualified to enter into the kingdom of God to reign with him. That is, the men and women that meet the demand of the kingdom, such people will enjoy heavenly blessedness.

“Beatitudes” is a Latin word which means blessedness.

The beatitudes and its reward (Mattew 5:1-12)

Jesus Christ went up on a mountainside and sat down after seeing a.... View More

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