Persecution of the early believers IV

Christian Religious Studies JSS3 First Term

Sub-theme: Fellowship in the Church

Week 10

Persecution of the early believer's IV

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

1. Give examples of persecution of Christians in the State and Nations.


Martyrdom of James (Acts 12:1-3)

James was one of the so-called “Sons of Thunder” and specifically named “James, son of Zebedee” and is sometimes called “James the Greater” because there were at least three other James’ in the early church.

James was the first apostle to suffer death after the martyrdom of Stephen. Although Herod was the authority that took his head, James’s fate started when an individual brought charges against him before the tribunal. When the case was over and James had been condemned to death, the man who had instigated the trial was deeply moved.... View More

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