Mineral Resources In Nigeria and Location I

Geography SSS1 Third Term


Mineral Resources In Nigeria and Location I

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to learn:

1. Mineral Resources in Nigeria


1. Resources in Abia State

The capital of Abia State is Umuahia. Main towns in Abia State include: Aba, Akwette, Bende, Afikpo and Arochukwu

Points of Interest:

  • National War Museum at Umuahia where the Nigerian civil war and inventions are displayed.
  • Aba – foremost electronics and indigenous technology city, Aba central Market
  • Akwette – Blue River Tourist Village, Uwana Beach Akwette is also famous for its unique weaving industry.
  • Agricultural Resources:  Yams, Cassava, Oil.... View More

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