Mineral Resources In Nigeria And Location III

Geography SSS1 Third Term


Mineral Resources In Nigeria And Location III

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to learn:

1. Mineral Resources in Nigeria And Location


1. Resources in Rivers State

The capital of Rivers State in Port Harcourt and the main towns are Bonny, Bori, Ahoada, Town Brass, Buguma, Yenagoa, Abonema, Akassa, Okrika, Degema.

Natural Resources:  Crude Oil, Natural Gas

Agricultural Resources:  Oil Palm, Citrus fruits, Coconut, Banana, Cassava.

Points of Interest:  Isaac Boro Park – the zoo which has a wide variety of animals, Nigeria’s first petroleum refinery at Elesa Elema, Water Glass Boatyard.  Isaka Holiday Cruise Island, Oil well at Oloibiri.

The Riverine town of Bonny with the.... View More

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