Concept of demand and supply – Types of supply

Economics SSS 2 First Term


Concept of demand and supply – Types of supply

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

  1. Identify factors affecting supply.
  2. Differentiate between types of supply.
  3. Explain change in supply and change in quantity supplied.


Factors affecting supply

Supply may be defined as the quantity of any commodity that the producers are able and willing to offer for sale at alternative prices over a given time.

Factors affecting supply are listed below:

  1. Price: The higher the price of any commodity, the higher the quantity that will be supplied and vice versa.
  2. Level of technology: An improved technique of production reduces the cost per unit of product and increase output.
  3. Cost of production: if the cost of production reduces, the producer tends to produce more of.... View More

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