Electric Field II

Physics SS1 Second Term


Electric Field

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Describe the electric circuit
  2. Explain the concept of electric conduction through materials
  3. Explain the term ‘Ohm’s Law’
  4. Analyse the electrical work done in a given circuit


Electric circuits are designed to serve a useful function. The mere movement of charge from terminal to terminal is of little use if the electrical energy possessed by the charge is not transformed into another useful form. To equip a circuit with a battery and a wire leading from positive to negative terminal without an electrical device (light bulb, beeper, motor, etc.) would lead to a high rate of charge flow. Such a circuit is referred to as a short circuit. With charge flowing rapidly between terminals, the rate at which energy would be consumed would be high. Such a circuit would heat the wires to a high temperature and drain the battery of its energy.... View More

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