Mathematics SSS2 Second Term Mid Term Assessment


1. Which of the following propositions is tautology?
(a) (p v q)
(b) p v (q
(c) p v (p
(d) Both (b) & (c)

2. Which of the proposition is p^ (~ p v q) is
(a) A tautology
(b) A contradiction
(c) Logically equivalent to p ^ q
(d) All of above


3. Which of the following is/are tautology?
(a) a v b
b ^ c
(b) a ^ b
b v c
(c) a v b (b c)
(d) None of these


4. Logical expression ( A^ B) ( C’ ^ A) ( A ≡ 1) is
(a) Contradiction
(b) Valid
(c) Well-formed formula
(d) None of these


5. Identify the valid conclusion from the premises Pv Q, Q R, P M, ˥M
(a) P.... View More

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