Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Performance ObjectivesStudent should be able to:1.Meaning of Motif2.Types of motif
Performance ObjectivesThe student should be able to:1.What is cadence?2.List the four types of cadence and explain any two you know.
MEANING OF MUSICAL FORM: Musical form or musical architecture refers to the overall structure or plan of a piece of music and it describes the layout of a composition as divided into sections. In analyzing musical forms, motives, phrases and sentences of a piece of music are very important.
MEANING OF CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreography is the art of designing sequences of rhythmic movements or dances. Choreography is also the arrangement of the movements of the dance, sometimes in a uniform style.
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAJOR AND MINOR SCALESIn all major scales, semitones occur between the 3rd and 4th, 7th and 8th degrees. In minor scales, semitones occur between the 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th, and 7th and 8th degrees.In major scales, the 1st degree of note is the tonic (doh) while in minor scales like the ‘A’ harmonic minor scale, the first degree of note is the submediant (lah)
DEFINITION OF MODULATION: Modulation is the process of changing from a musical key to another key in a musical piece.
MEANING OF MARKETING OF ARTWORKSMarketing of artworks is the process of promoting and creating awareness of works of art to the public. The basic intention of the artist marketing his or her artworks is to promote sales. The viewer tends to view, appreciate and buy the artworks.
MEANING OF UNITYUnity is the state of being in full agreement- unity in a sentence. Unity is also the state of being one; oneness. Unity refers to a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one. Unity is the state of a group of people being in full agreement about certain things.
MEANING OF BATIKBatik is the process of covering certain areas of fabric not intended to be dyed using removable wax. Batik is a textile craft which involves the application of melted wax on fabric to create beautiful patterns and dipping the waxed fabric in the dye solution. After dyeing the waxed fabric, it is de-waxed to expose the design visibly.

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