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WEEK 1TOPIC: GHANA EMPIRE ORIGIN & LOCATION OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIREAn empire is a political unit that is made up of several nations, states or kingdoms ruled by one supreme leader or monarch. Many popular empires existed in the world and some were in Africa, such as the Sudanic Empires of ancient western Africa.
WEEK 2TOPIC: SOCIO-POLITICAL STRUCTURE OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIREThe ancient Ghana Empire operated a monarchical system of government. The kings expanded the empire by warring against lesser kingdoms and bringing them under their rule. The kings saw themselves as one who possessed total authority over the land and their power was absolute.
WEEK 3TOPIC: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STRUCTURE OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIREThe empire was ruled by a king who had total economic, financial and commercial power over the whole realm. As the empire grew, Ghana's kings proceeded to use the wealth generated to fund the empire. They also used the funds to sponsor their powerful army and conquer more lands, especially thriving trade cities.
WEEK 4TOPIC: SOCIO-RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIREInitially, the people of the ancient Ghana Empire practised traditional religion before Islam became widespread. They worshipped various gods whom they thought were responsible for their growth and prosperity. The worship of animate and inanimate objects was very predominant.
WEEK 5TOPIC: FACTORS THAT LED TO THE RISE OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIRE (Geographical Factors)Geography and location: The geography of ancient Ghana played an important role in the origin, growth and development of the empire. The geography of the western African area comprises three vegetation zones, which are: the Sahara which is a desert in North Africa:
WEEK 6 & 7TOPIC: FACTORS THAT LED TO THE RISE OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIRE (Economic Factors Political Factors)These three factors made the empire succeed in agriculture, cattle rearing, trade, hunting, transportation travel, etc. In addition, the empire was located around the Senegal and Niger Rivers. The rivers also made the soil good for farming and cattle rearing.
WEEK 8TOPIC: FACTORS THAT LED TO THE FALL OF THE ANCIENT GHANA EMPIREIn the collapse of the Ghana Empire, two factors were responsible. They were the internal and external factors.Internal Factors1. Size of the empire: There was unchecked expansion of territory in the empire, so much so that it became almost impossible for the leaders to effectively control their vassal states. A vassal state is a country that is controlled by another country.
WEEK 9TOPIC: CONSEQUENCES OF THE FALL OF THE GHANA EMPIREIt is assumed that the ensuing war pushed Ghana over the edge, ending the kingdom’s position as a commercial and military power by 1100. It collapsed into tribal groups and chieftaincies, some of which later assimilated into the Almoravids, while others founded the Mali Empire. Despite ambiguous evidence, it is clear that Ghana was incorporated into the Mali Empire around 1240.
WEEK 10TOPIC: REASONS FOR THE INVASION OF GHANA EMPIREJealousy, fear, and anger at Ghana's power prompted its neighbours to stand up against the kingdom. Their efforts were at first weak and insignificant, but eventually, in the mid-11th century, a Muslim group known as the Almoravids launched a devastating invasion of the capital city of Koumbi Saleh. Though territories were seized, and a tribute tax was enforced, Ghana recovered and forced the invaders to withdraw.

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