Home Economics Primary 6 (Basic Six) Third Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

WEEK 1 TOPIC: THE SEWING MACHINE LEARNING OBJECTIVES1. Types of Sewing Machines2. Parts of A Sewing Machine3. Functions of Each Part of the Sewing Machine
WEEK 2 TOPIC: THE SEWING MACHINE LEARNING AREAUses and Cares for the Sewing MachinesPERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES1. Explain how to use and care for the sewing machine.2. State two ways of caring for a sewing machine.3. Demonstrate the uses of a sewing machine.
WEEK 3TOPIC: THE SEWING MACHINE LEARNING AREA1. Sewing Measuring Tools2. Taking MeasurementsPERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 1. explain measuring tools.2. identify measuring tools.
WEEK 4TOPIC – HOW TO PRODUCE SIMPLE CLOTHING ARTICLES – APRON AND CAP LEARNING AREA1. Meaning of Apron and Cap2. Materials Needed for Making Kitchen Aprons
WEEK 5TOPIC: INCOME-YIELDING CRAFTS LEARNING AREA1. Meaning (Types) of Income Yielding Crafts2. Different Types of Craft Articles3. Importance of Importance Yielding Crafts
WEEK 6TOPIC: INCOME-YIELDING CRAFTS LEARNING AREA 1. Types of Crafts2. Making Simple CraftsPERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES:1. state the types of income-yielding crafts.2. demonstrate how to make some income-yield crafts.INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALSThe teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of:some ready-made crafts for pupils to see and probably learn from;crafts album;tools for making crafts. CONTENTMEANING OF INCOME-YIELDING CRAFTS Income-yielding crafts are craft items that are produced for sale. For example, beads, aprons and caps, baskets, bags, pots, artworks, etc.

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