Effects of drugs and drug abuse

Civic Education S.S.S 2 Second Term


Effects of drugs and drug abuse

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Describe the symptoms of drug abused

2. Demonstrate some behaviours of drug addicts


1. Symptoms of drug abuse e.g violence, depression, allergy etc.

2. Behaviours exhibited by drug addicts seen from photographs and illustrations.

Symptoms of Drug abuse

1 Family signs and symptoms

Exhibiting lackadaisical attitude towards laws and parents, sneaking to unusual and secret places, isolation from family members, locking bedroom door avoiding family affairs, hiding in the room etc.

2 Physical signs and symptoms

Frequent minor illnesses such as sluggishness, frequent naps, etc, smell of substance like cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, menthols, etc.

3 Social signs and symptoms

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