Metal work Hand Tools IV

Basic Technology J.S.S 1 Third Term

WEEK 5&6

Metalwork Hand Tools IV

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Define metal work hand tools
  2. Identify the different hand tools used for metalwork



Metals are types of materials used in the workshop to produce various objects. Metals can be classified as ‘’Ferrous’’ when they contain iron, or non-ferrous’ when they do not contain iron. Certain tools are used in the workshop to manipulate these metal materials to use them to form different objects. Some of the tools are used in marking, some used in measuring, some used in driving, while others are used in cutting the metals.

Measuring Tools:

A measuring tool is a device used for measuring a physical quantity. Some of the existing tools are:

  1. Steel Rule (Engineer’s Rule)

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