Further Mathematics SSS3 Second Term Assessment


1. A particle of mass 5kg is supported by two light, inelastic strings inclined at angles 30 and 45 respectively to the horizontal. If the system is in equilibrium, calculate the tension in each string

A. 29N, 21.2N

B. 29N, 23.2N

C. 25N, 21.2N

D. 25N, 23.2N


A practice of mass 98kg is suspended by two light inelastic strings of lengths 9m and 12m from two fixed points P and Q which are 15m apart. Calculate:

2.  The angles made by the strings with the upward vertical.

A. 35.9, 52.1

B. 36.9, 53.1

C. 34.9, 52.1

D. 34.9 53.1

3.  The tensions in the strings (Take g = 9.8ms-2)

A. 234N, 375.7N

B. 768N, 576.6N

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