Historical development of computer I

Computer Science JSS1 First Term


Historical development of computer I

Performance Objectives

The student should be able to:

1. List early counting devices.

2. State the problems in counting large numbers with those devices.


Definition and Examples of Early Counting Devices

Early counting devices are devices that were used in the early days to perform arithmetic operations such as the addition of numbers, subtraction, and multiplication. These devices were used for the usual barter trade of the early days. Examples of early counting devices are fingers, toes, stones, sticks, pebbles, cowries among others.

The history and development of computers can be traced back to the studies of mathematics which started with counting. The history of mathematics is the history of civilization. These has led to various computing inventions in search of a tool that could enable man to meet his computational and data processing needs until we have the computer today. It was in.... View More

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