Practical II Modes of receiving information (Alternative)

Computer Science JSS1 Third Term


Practical II

Modes of receiving information (Alternative)

Performance Objectives

The student should be able to:

     1. Identify the modes of receiving information.

     2. Draw some ancient and modern methods of transmitting information.


Modes of Receiving Information

There are three modes by which we receive information and they include:

1.Audio: This is a means of communication where data is received via sound or voice without seeing the pictures. e.g. through radio, cassette players, telephones, audio CDs, GSM, beating of drums, town crying (except the crier is closer) e.t.c.

2. Visual: This is a means of receiving information through prints or pictures alone without sound or voice e.g prints, drawings, computers, printers, telex, fax machines, internet e.t.c.

3. Audio-Visual: This is the mode of receiving information in both visual and.... View More

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