The supremacy of God

Christian Religious Studies SS2 Second Term

Week 8

Topic: The supremacy of God

Performance objectives

Pupils should be able to:

  1. Discuss the religious situation in Israel at the time of Elijah and Obadiah
  2. Describe the courage of Elijah and Obadiah
  3. Recognize the manifestation of God’s power
  4. Identify the main lessons in the passages and relate them to their win lives


The story of Elijah and Obadiah (1kings 16:29-34)

When Ahab became the king, he married a woman from Phoenicia and brought her to Israel. She was called Jezebel. She introduced the religion of her country (Baal worship) to Israel. In fact, she was trying to make Baalism the religion of Israel against Israel’s tradition.

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