Unwise decision of Solomon and Rehaboam

Christian Religious Studies SS2 Second Term

Week 6

Topic: Unwise decision of Solomon and Rehoboam

Performance objectives

Pupils should be able to:

  1. Identify Solomon’s unwise decisions
  2. Describe the circumstances that led to Rehaboam’s decision
  3. Discuss the consequences of unwise decisions


A. Solomon’s unwise decision (1kings 9:15-23)

Due to the relative peace that reigned during the time of Solomon, he lived in luxury. He engaged in so many expensive projects that required a lot of men and material resources. He raised forced labor and the citizens were heavily tasked to finance these projects.

He was loosed with women; he married seven hundred wives and had three hundred concubines. To make it worse, he married these women from nations which the Lord warned the Israelites never.... View More

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