Religion and Religious beliefs

Week 9

Topic: Religion and Religious beliefs

Objectives: At the end of the lessons, the pupils should be able to

1 lists the types of religious practices in Nigeria.

2 Explain the meaning of religious intolerance.

3 identify problems of religious bodies in Nigeria.

4 state five of the role of religious bodies in Nigeria.

5 state how religious conflicts can be controlled


Types of religious practices in Nigeria

We already know that there are three main religions in Nigeria. These are the African traditional religion, Islam and Christianity. There are various groups or sects in each of these religions. These sects have some beliefs which are different from those of the larger group. Some of the sects in the Muslim religion are the Ansar-ud-deen, the Ahmadiyya and the Nawar-ud-deen sects. in African traditional religion, there are, among others, the Sango worshippers, the Obatala.... View More

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