Agricultural Practices Cont'd

Agricultural Science JSS 2 First Term

WEEK  10

Agricultural Practices Cont'd2

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to

     1. Describe post-planting operations.

     2. Explain post-planting operations.

     3. Explain the effects of timely harvesting versus late harvesting.

     4. State various post-harvest operations.


Post-planting Operations

These are operations or activities carried out on the farm after planting has been done. They include thinning, supplying, mulching, fertilizer and manure application, watering, weeding, pest and disease control and harvesting.

1. Thinning: This is the act of removing extra seedlings from a stand or reducing the number of seedlings growing in a row. Thinning should be done early in the morning and evening and also when the soil is moist. Thinning is done to.... View More

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