Constitutional Development in Nigeria

Government S.S.S 2 Third Term


Constitutional Development in Nigeria

Performance objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Mention the Clifford constitution of 1922

2. Outline the main features of Clifford constitution of 1922

3. Identify the common features of the Clifford constitution

Pre-Independence Clifford Constitution of 1922

Clifford made a recommendation of granting of elective representation, when setting up the legislative council. This was granted by the new Secretary of state (Winston Churchill) for the colonies. Nigeria then became the first country to adopt this principle.

Features of Clifford Constitution of 1922

1. Head of state was in place

This was Governor Hugh Clifford, representing the Queen of England.

2. The Executive council

This was an all European council. No Nigerian was a member, meaning that Nigerians were not.... View More

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