Post- Independence Constitution

Government S.S.S  2 Third rd Term


Post- Independence Constitution

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. The republican constitution of 1963

2. Outline the main features of the republican constitution of 1963

3. Identify the common features Republican constitution

The Republican Constitution of 1963

The prime minister and regional premiers met in May, 1963 to discuss and settle constitutional issues. As a result of this, the conference of heads of government of Nigeria agreed to summon an all-party constitutional conference in Lagos, to suggest to it important changes in the constitution. The all-party conference met in July, 1963 and agreed that Nigeria should become a republic and that the president of the republic should have the same powers and functions as the governor-general had under the independence constitution. This meeting birthed the 1963 constitution.

Features of Republican Constitution of 1963

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