Management in Entertainment and fashion

Security Education JSS3 Second Term

Week 13- Supplementary Lesson

Management in Entertainment and fashion

In the media and entertainment industry, content is king, but content security management is queen. Content is created and supported by a huge ecosystem of vendors who weave in and out of the pre, during, and post-production process, so the challenge that the media and entertainment industry face is: how to best protect that content.

Cybersecurity Threats Remain a Persistent Problem

Cybersecurity issues have been prevalent in film, television, print, radio, and sports. There are various ways in which cybercriminals exploit media and entertainment organizations. The top threats include impersonating authorized individuals, counterfeiting tickets, pirating content, issuing threats, and breaching networks to access content and personal data.

Security Risks in the Media and Entertainment Industry

The sheer numbers of vulnerabilities, attack methods, and.... View More

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