Marketing and Financial Management

Security Education JSS3 Second Term

Week 12- Supplementary Lesson

Marketing and Financial Management

Financial management is the practice of dealing with the financial resources of a firm with the objective of effectively accomplishing organizational goals of business success with profitability.

An organization may need to launch marketing and advertising campaigns for creating brand awareness. Sometimes they want to outsmart the competition and emerge and gain top of mind awareness. At other times, organization looks to support the sales teams by generating more sales leads through its campaigns. For different campaigns, an organization can choose to use tools like television ads, print campaigns, radio spots, digital marketing or on ground events, amongst many others. Mostly, it is a combination of several modes of communication to reach different customers effectively. Any marketing function is involved in a lot of back end activities like conducting market research, choosing vendors, printing marketing collaterals and hiring agencies for developing creatives and overseeing on ground.... View More

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