Husbandry of Beverage.

Agricultural science SSS1 First Term

Week 9

Husbandry of Beverage.

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. State major husbandry practices of oil crops.


COCOA (Theobromacacao)

Cocoa is a beverage crop used in the preparation of many food drinks like Ovaltine, Bournvita, Pronto, etc in Nigeria. It belongs to the plant called Sterculiaceae. The fruit is called a cocoa pod.

Land Preparation:

Select well-drained deep soil, heavy clay-loam/loam with slightly acidic or neutral pH.

  1. Keep the area protected from strong winds.
  2. Clear the area manually or mechanically.
  3. Avoid clean-clearing. Some forest/big trees may be left to provide shade for seedlings.
  4.   Leave some plant refuse behind to provide mulch and reduce evaporation.

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