Problems of agricultural development in Nigeria.

Agricultural science SSS1 First Term

Week 2

Problems of agricultural development in Nigeria.

Performance objectives

Students should be able to;

(1) Identify and discuss various problems of agricultural development in Nigeria.


Many developing countries in West Africa including Nigeria are faced with numerous problems which militate against the development of agriculture. Some of these problems are:

  1. Inadequate land or land tenure system;
  1. Land cannot be pledged, sold or used as collateral by an individual.
  2. It is characterized by litigations and misunderstanding.
  3. Mechanized farming cannot be practised without the permission of the whole community.
  4. There is excessive land fragmentation over time.
  5.  Allotted land can be revoked by new leadership.
  6. It does not encourage the planting of permanent crops.
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