Simple Harmonic Motion

Physics SSS1 Third Term


Simple Harmonic Motion

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Define Simple Harmonic Motion
  2. Explain displacement, velocity and Acceleration of simple Harmonic motion
  3. Describe the energy of simple harmonic motion
  4. Explain the concept of force vibration and Resonance


In addition to linear motion and rotational motion there is another kind of motion that is common in physics. This is the to and fro motion of oscillations or vibrations.

When something oscillates, it moves back and forth with time. It is helpful to trace out the position of an oscillating particle with time so we can define some terminology.

Period, Amplitude and Frequency

The time taken for the particle to complete one oscillation, that is, the time taken for the particle to move from its starting position and return to its.... View More

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