Capitalist Democracy II

Civic Education SSS 2 First Term


Capitalist Democracy II

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Explain how employments can alleviate poverty

2. Describe what promote guaranteed employment, free education, medical care etc.


1. Importance of employment in alleviating poverty

2. Factors which promote guaranteed employment, free education, medical care, responsible governance, popular participation etc.

Importance of Employment in Alleviating Poverty

Employment simply means the act of been gainfully employed either by public, private parastatals or by oneself (self-employment). This help most individual not to stay idle (without work) in a society. The following ways can be sited as to how employment can alleviate poverty.

1. Standard of living of the people:

Employment boosts the standard of living of the people because anyone who is gainfully employed can live high above.... View More

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