Mathematics SSS 2 First Term

Theme: Numbers and Numeration



Performance Objectives

Students should be able to;

  1. Calculate numbers less than 1 involving multiplication and division using log table
  2. Solve simple logarithm equations

Revision of Logarithm Numbers Greater than 1


Logarithm of numbers is the power to which 10 is raised to give that number. Logarithms used in calculations are normally expressed in base 10.

Rules for the Use of Logarithms

  1. Multiplication: find the logarithms of the numbers and add them together
  2. Division: find the logarithm of each number. Then subtract the logarithm of the denominator from that of the numerator
  3. Powers: find the logarithm of the number and then multiply it by the power or the index
  4. Roots: find the logarithm of the number and.... View More

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